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Season 2 Episode List

Cassidy Caron

To kick off season two, we asked Métis National Council President, Cassidy Caron, a very important question – what has Leadership meant to you? President Caron shares how her current role has changed her own meaning of leadership and the ways youth can find leadership positions. This interview offers an insightful look into the role of the Métis National Council President, as well as the importance of strategic alliances and partnerships for the Métis people.

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Wayne Wapeemukwa

For this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Darian speaks to Wayne Wapeemukwa, a Métis Citizen, filmmaker and philosopher. Throughout his life, Wayne has done extensive research on the various ways the 19th-century dispossession afflicted Métis women and how new, colonially-modern discourses of property, race, and gender turned the “plains into private property.” This episode covers the extent of his research, the complex learnings, and the outcomes for the Canadian Métis community.

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Darrell Fox

In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we speak to Darrell Fox, the younger brother of Terry Fox and senior advisor of the Terry Fox Institute. Darrell shares the story behind the discovery of the Fox family’s Métis lineage and the impact that this discovery had on the Foundation. During the conversation, Darrell reflects on the role that Mary Ann Gladue, Betty Fox’s mom, played in his and Terry’s upbringing. He discusses how the Métis core values correlate to the values Terry embraced during his Marathon of Hope.

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Kaija Heitland

For this episode in our Métis Speaker Series, we talk about environmental protection with Kaija Heitland, a citizen of the Métis Nation of British Columbia. Kaija teaches traditional land-based arts, where she incorporates art as a method of self-reclamation and community bonding. To better understand the unique relationship that Métis people have with the land, Kaija shares her perspective on ways to build better relationships. Her story is one of community, land preservation, and understanding.

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Peter Lang

In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, we discuss the child welfare and justice system with Peter Lang, CMA Community President. Peter has had his own unfortunate experience with the system in connection to his late son, Nick. The interview looks at the ways that the Métis Nation can support those who share a story similar to Nick’s. Having been failed by the justice system, Peter shares his advice with other parents.

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Justene Dion-Glowa

Where does Justene Dion-Glowa find her inspiration for poetry? That’s what we discuss in this episode of the Métis Speaker Series. Justene writes poetry connected to her identity as a Métis person. She shares some of her work from a recent manuscript and dives into her poetic inspiration. Her story is one of personal growth and healing, interpreted through poetry.

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Charlie Kerr

In this episode of our Métis Speaker Series, Charlie Kerr shares his experience working in the entertainment industry as a member of the Métis community. He also shares his personal experience working directly within his own community of Métis people. As a singer, actor, and writer, Charlie has a great deal of experience within the industry. He shares his thoughts on Métis visibility in the entertainment industry, where Métis people have been largely invisible in the past.

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Lawrence Gervais

In this episode of the Métis Speaker Series, we speak to the regional president of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Lawrence Gervais. This discussion looks at the ways we can help amplify Métis’ voices and awareness. Lawrence shares his perspective on what the role of leadership should look like within the Métis Nation and how this role can help in the economic advancement of Métis people.

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Our Host

Darian Kovacs

Darian brings unparalleled charisma and excitement to everything he does. A brand-builder and digital marketing thought leader with Métis heritage, he is known for off-the-wall ideas and fantastic stories. Darian aims to energize the conversation about Métis peoples and culture, while helping to educate along the way through the Métis Speaker Series.





Kiihtwaam ooshtaahk


Métis Nation British COlumbia

Métis Speaker Series

This initiative is funded through the Indigenous Healing and Rebuilding funding stream of the Civil Forfeiture Office. The Kishkayhta (Learn), Kiikew (Heal), Kiihtwaam ooshtaahk (Rebuild) Métis Speaker Series is organized around the theme of Métis Cultural Healing and Rebuilding. This project was created to assist Métis Youth, Métis Chartered Communities, and the general public to create more visibility of Métis People and educate about Métis culture and heritage. The speaker series was facilitated virtually and networked to the over 90,000 Métis people residing in BC.  

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